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My practice is a very full, active practice with my clients experiencing my enthusiasm for my work. My clients range in age from about 8 years old to 80 (plus). Since I have been in practice for almost 25 years, I am honored to have individuals who I saw as children a decade or two ago, return to me with their own families.

My referrals come from physicians, school teachers and counselors, attorneys, previous clients, other therapists, current clients, educators and ministers of churches in the community. I have an assistant who helps me provide a professional and caring private practice.

Being trained in Family Systems Theory, my expertise is working with people within their family relationships, The clients I see are usually struggling with family problems with at least one family member displaying symptoms such as depression, anxiety, anger, defiance, addiction, disturbance of conduct, physical complaints or work and academic inhibition. The divorce and shared parenting process is a familiar part of my work.

I have a very interactive style. I prefer to include as many family members in the therapy as is practical and naturally use a solution-focused, strength-based therapy model.

Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes. My fee is $115 per session. I do not accept payment through insurance, but will assist you if you can arrange for reimbursement.

Barbara Stratton


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